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Launched in 2011, Goodlife operates in the e-commerce sector, focusing its activity on the sale of products and services through online platforms. The company specialises in discount solutions (B2C segment) and in promotional project management for clients (B2B segment). Its management team is formed by its founding shareholders, who have a successful track record (working together since 2001). The company owns one of the largest national client data bases in the sector used for sales purposes.

Online market in Portugal is significantly growing, representing around € 3B in 2014. Online sales reported a 19% CAGR (2008-2014) compared with a decline of approximately 2% in retail shops.


Benefit from online market growth in Portugal and from scale effect of the data base and synergies in the management of the different platforms to increase sales and improve margin. Increase brand awareness (platforms). Invest in client data base activation and expansion by investing in marketing and communication. Grow the B2B segment by attracting new partners.