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Production and sale of composite decks

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Investment Rationale

The development of the first (and only) composite in the world, which combines two vegetable fibres with a polymer, results in an innovative and optimised solution, which in addition to giving the products a series of characteristics beneficial to the client (resistance, load capacity, etc), enables the reduction of environmental impact when compared with competing products. Additionally, the company manufactures innovative decking materials for urban use, assembled by fitting the pieces together, enabling clients to assemble decks without any structural support or accessories. Growth prospects for the use of composite materials in the different segments (e.g. 100% growth to 2020 in the construction segment) as well as its diverse uses, are factors indicating good business growth potential.


Strong focus on sales with emphasis on the DIY sales channels for product introduction and market share growth. Identify new business segments, specifically the development of solutions for outdoor furniture and boats, as well as new products which may be suitable for granulated composite application.