Knitted fabrics finishing and sale

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Tintex is an important service provider and supplier in the textiles sector, offering products and services within the natural and eco-friendly fibre goods segment. Aware of its undeniable ecologic advantages, Tintex was a pioneer in the use of lyocell and is currently one of the European leaders in the treatment and sale of lyocell knitted fabrics. With a renowned client base in the national and international textile sector, it stands out among higher end products. Combining the best equipment with an accumulated expertise resulting from 20 years’ experience, it offers a differentiated, innovative and excellent service.


Benefit from the sustained growth reported in the textiles sector in Europe, from producers to retailers. Develop its product and service offer in the eco-friendly fibre segment which is in increasing demand by customers given its eco-friendly advantages and quality when compared to natural fibres (e.g. wool or cotton). Focus on growth of finished knitted fabrics, the most profitable segment. Opening of a new business area and expansion into new markets.